The supreme discipline of photography

The portrait is the supreme discipline of photography. The root of the word already gives it away. While the French “po(u)rtraire” means to design or represent, the Latin “protahere” means to draw out and bring to light.

A good portrait reveals the person's entire personality. And a good business portrait even changed his life


Your Business Portrait Photographer in Vienna

No matter whether you need company portraits, employee photos or lifestyle images – I am your reliable partner in Vienna. My passion for photography and my commitment to producing first-class images are reflected in every photo.

Contact me to bring your personality or your company's identity to life in expressive images.



Company portraits and employee photos: your company in pictures

Strong company portraits are invaluable for showcasing the face of your company. With my professional approach and eye for detail, I create images that show your employees in their best light.

These portraits not only help identify your company, but also provide insight into the people who represent it.



Your team in professional images

Employee photos are more than just pictures of faces. They tell the stories behind the faces – the passion, commitment and diversity that characterize your company. I work closely with you to ensure the portraits convey your company's message in an authentic and professional manner.

My employee photos and business portrait photography are the ideal choice for companies looking to professionally and attractively showcase their team on their website. I understand the importance of building trust with customers and partners, and my photographs help create a positive image of your team. With our services, you can create high-quality photos that highlight each employee's personality and expertise. I work closely with your company to ensure that the images align perfectly with your brand identity and leave a lasting impression.



Our offer for individual portrait photos

My services include a professional 30-minute photoshoot, which already includes the editing of the best images.

I offer this package for business clients at a price of only €120, including VAT. Each image is carefully selected and edited to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the portrait. I understand the importance of a professional image for your corporate image, and my service aims to present your employees and your brand in the best possible light.

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